"The Three Waiters

MADE the evening"

A corporate event may accomplish many goals: to educate, to inspire & to reward.

The Three Waiters can help you achieve these outcomes & more.

With the pressure you have to make your event memorable, on budget & on time, a decision to have The Three Waiters means one thing - you can relax.

Entertainment is sorted, your event will be unforgettable & you can move on to the million other details you have to deal with.
The Three Waiters show works with audiences ranging from hundreds attending a conference dinner, to a dozen friends gathered at a home or restaurant.
The Three Waiters is equally effective for any type of audience, all will be spellbound by The Three Waiters unique combination of sophisticated humour, amazing voices & thrilling surprises.

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Tel: 020 3122 1982


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"Great! Absolutely Great!"

The Late Great Luciano Pavarotti

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